We have seen revolutions and protests all over the north of Africa and in the Middle East with the Internet as sidekick, but it seems that Belgium is the country presenting the most innovative forms of protests. The country is facing a political crisis for quite a long time now due to tension between the Flemish (Dutch-speaking) and the Walloons (French-speaking). Today they’ve reached the mark of 249 days without government. I’ve found this video on youtube:

The country hasn’t stopped because of its local and regional administration system, but people are not too happy with the situation. To put pressure on the Parliament, people are celebrating it in different and ironic ways, mocking of the ridicule.

In Ghent (where I was living last year), at least 249 students stripped their clothes off. In Leuven, french fries (although Belgians warn: fries are actually theirs) will be handed out to passers-by. Calls to abstain from sex and a contest of beard-growing (!!!) are also among the “techniques of protest”. We should expect more for tomorrow, the 250th day, all part of the Revolution of the Fries, as they are calling it.

For pictures, check this Rediff page.
[fr]: révolution des frites
[nl]: de friet revolutie