A few days ago I was checking on Buala and I read about this train line in Angola [pt] that has returned to activity after  a 18 years-period of interruption. The line, connecting the capital Luanda to the city of Malange, was shut during the country’s civil war. Due to insecurity during the trip, number of passengers dropped till it had to be shut down. It was then rebuilt by a Chinese company and the new “comboios” were launched in January 2011.

people getting inside one of fortaleza's current urban trains. photo taken by me in october 2010 and published on my flickr.

I couldn’t help but relate it to « Metrofor », the metropolitan train system planned for Fortaleza, where I live in Brazil. The government had expressed a wish to turn the existing train lines into a metro system for the first time back in 1976. In 1997 a company responsible for it was created… It is now 2011 and we are still waiting for it: 13 years and counting. But Fortaleza is not facing a civil war; it’s just a lack of political interest on the people, I assure you.

By the way, i’m a fan of trains, trams and undergrounds.