About me / Sobre mim

My name is João Miguel, speaking from Brazil. I make zines, objects and DIY. You can talk to me via email [jmlimabr@gmail.com] and Twitter [@jmlima].

I usually write and translate posts on Global Voices Online in Portuguese, but you can also see me elsewhere:

2013 I was a blogger for the Future Challenges Project, writing 6 posts about Brazil.

2012 I wrote a quick report on the Global Voices Citizen Media Summit of 2012 for the blog of Núcleo de Comunicação e Educação Popular, a part of the Federal University of Paraná (@ncep_ufpr): bit.ly/MIY9bA [in Portuguese] I was invited to comment on Brazilian youth, blogs and democracy in a Connected Learning Webinar with researcher Raquel Recuero as speaker.

2011 Post Creating Opportunities for Life After Jail for the 7 Billion Actions series commissioned by the UNFPA, in partnership with Global Voices Online. I contributed to the Project Jardim de Gente of the Cultural Center Bom Jardim, inFortaleza, Brazil, to promote memory as a guideline for artistic and writing workshops. The managing team chose a reference material (3 texts and 2 videos), which I later gathered in the blog Didática e Memória [in pt].


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